我们很高兴为我们的客户在Goodlettsville附近服务, TN through our convenient office located right off of I-65 and Conference Drive.  Get to know our team below and click to read more about the 古德莱茨维尔办公室的历史.


合作伙伴和学习主管 & 发展
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Karen Stephens joined BCPAG, January 2017 as a Partner and Manging Director of the North office.  Prior to joining the firm, Karen served as the audit partner for Parker, Parker & 的同事.  她的职业生涯始于德勤的审计师 & 他于2000年加入派克. She has extensive auditing and tax experience with not-for-profit organizations and 政府实体 as well as for-profit industries including 建设 and manufacturing.  Karen is a graduate of Lipscomb University and Leadership Sumner. She is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and 田纳西州注册会计师协会.  她和丈夫以及两个女儿住在萨姆纳县.  She has served on many not-for-profit and Society boards and committees and is currently a member of the TSCPA audit committee.

Paul Anglin,注册会计师

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Paul Anglin,注册会计师, performs tax and consulting services and is currently a 主要 at the firm. 他毕业于利普斯科姆大学, 他在那里以优异的成绩获得了理学学士学位, and received his Master of Accountancy from the University of Georgia. He is a member of American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and 田纳西州注册会计师协会. He has over twenty-three years of experience in a variety of industries and service sectors. He has fourteen years of experience with Deloitte and Crowe Horwath, “四大”会计师事务所和十大会计师事务所, 分别. 在他之前的公共会计工作经验, 他曾服务于多个行业, 包括制造业, 卫生保健, 服务专业人员, 建设, 和非营利性, 并执行了许多咨询项目, 合规项目, 并计提所得税的规定.

另外, 他在五三银行从事工业工作九年, 日产, O 'Charley的, 和Asurion. He gained valuable knowable serving in the tax departments of these various large companies, including leading the tax department at O 'Charley的 as Director of 税. 因为他独特的背景, he has an understanding of the value of service needed by businesses and has a passion to help his clients exceed their needs.


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Lindsey于2022年1月加入Blankenship. She is a highly personable Administrative Professional with over 20 years of experience in client relations, 办公室管理和行政协助. She has served in a variety of industries, including warehousing & 物流、医疗保健和儿童保育管理.

在加入BCPAG之前, Lindsey and her family served for 8 years as houseparents for the Tennessee Baptist Children’s 手机赌博软件 in Millington, TN. In their time there, they were able to minister to and provide care for over 250 young men. 这对他们来说是一次非常有益的经历.

Currently, Lindsey and her husband Ed, are enjoying empty nesting. They are proud parents of Haleigh and Hayden who are out creating lives of their own.


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Whitney earned her Bachelor of Science degrees in 会计 and Business Administration from Lee University in 2014. She is a member of 田纳西州注册会计师协会. 她积极服务于reach 360, 一个提供清洁水的全球性非盈利组织, 助手, 为世界上未到达地区的人们提供培训. 惠特尼于2017年1月加入BCPAG. 她和帕克一起服务客户,帕克 & 的同事 from December 2014 until the firm was acquired by BCPAG in 2017. Whitney’s experience in accounting and auditing in not-for-profit organizations, 政府实体, and small businesses equips her to provide unique insight for businesses across various industries. 另外, she has experience working in individual, partnership, and corporate taxation.

Martie Guy,注册会计师

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Harley于2022年6月加入Blankenship CPA Group. She has a Bachelor of Science in 会计 and a Master of Business Administration. She serves as an 会计解决方案助理 in the ASG Department. 哈利的日常工作包括发工资, 工资回报, 银行对账, 财务报表编制, 还有销售税申报表. Her specialties are bookkeeping and 工资 in the 音乐 industry.

Harley and her husband Ryan enjoy spending time with their daughter Everly and dog Mylo. 他们喜欢在美国旅行,并得到一个很好的徒步旅行 in 在任何不在家的时间. 他们也喜欢去看体育赛事 任何形式的 和四口之家在一起的时光.


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Christine has over 20 years of experience with accounts receivable and payable, 跟踪返回, 帐户和解, 准确的财务报告. She is familiar with fixed asset reporting and is a very detail oriented bookkeeper and an expert in Quick Books Pro and an MS Office expert! 克里斯汀和她的丈夫有三个成年的孩子.

史蒂文B. 帕克,注册会计师

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史蒂夫是派克公司的创始人之一 & 该公司于2017年与BCPAG合并. He is experienced in providing businesses and individuals with audit, 审查和汇编服务, 所得税和遗产税规划服务, 以及各种管理咨询服务. 史蒂夫 is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, 田纳西州注册会计师协会, 三星天际线医疗中心董事会, 以及志愿州立社区学院基金会.  他1973年毕业于洛马林达大学.

查尔斯·N. 帕克,注册会计师

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恰克加入了帕克,帕克 & 该公司于2017年与BCPAG合并 not long after it was founded by his brother, 史蒂夫. Chuck is experienced in providing businesses and individuals with audit, 审查和汇编服务, 税务筹划服务, 以及各种管理咨询服务. He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, 田纳西州注册会计师协会 and the Goodlettsville Chamber of Commerce. 查克是西佛罗里达大学的毕业生.


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Donna joined Blankenship CPA Group from Yeary and Howell in 2021. She has an Associate’s Degree in 会计 has over 20 years of experience in the field. She comes to Blankenship CPA Group as an Associate in the ASG department. 她的日常工作包括发工资, 工资回报, 银行对账, 销售税申报表和个人财产申报表. Her specialties are bookkeeping, 工资 and restaurant accounting. She enjoys being involved in her church and supporting the educational system any way she can.

唐娜是两个孩子的骄傲母亲. Her daughter is a successful architect, wife, and mother of two girls.  她的儿子是一名系统工程师,有三个孩子. He works with a local television company and gets to travel the country. She loves to get updates on her grandchildren and visit them whenever she can. She enjoys taking time out of her day to watch the deer and other wildlife from her front porch.

史蒂夫 Pelmore,注册会计师,MST

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小史蒂夫·佩尔莫尔是伊利诺伊州芝加哥市人. 史蒂夫 earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in Economics & Finance from Tennessee State University and a Master of 税ation from the University of Illinois, 厄.  史蒂夫是一名前陆军后勤军官.  He served more than a decade including a combat tour to Mosul, Iraq.  史蒂夫 worked as a 税 Compliance Officer and Field Agent with the Internal Revenue Service for more than six years.  He has worked in various tax positions within public accounting prior to joining Blankenship CPA Group.  史蒂夫 has earned the IRS Enrolled Agent Credential and is a licensed Certified Public Accountant with the State of Tennessee.



乔来自罗切斯特, NY and received his Bachelors of Science in 会计 and Masters of Business Administration from Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY.  He has spent most of his career working in professional sports, such as working for the Syracuse Mets (AAA affiliate of the New York Mets), 罗彻斯特犀牛队(美国足球联盟成员), 在食品和饮料行业也是如此, most recently as Finance 经理 for Legends Hospitality at 日产 Stadium, 田纳西泰坦队的主场.  He handled finance and accounting duties related to the organizations, 例如现金处理, AR, AP, 工资, 财务报表编制.  Joe于2020年在田纳西州获得注册会计师证书.  He loves everything 纳什维尔 has to offer in terms of sports, 音乐, and entertainment and cheers for the Tennessee Titans and St. 当大学篮球赛季到来的时候,Bonaventure Bonnies.


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Linda于2021年5月加入事务所. 作为前年度豪厄尔的一部分 & 的同事. She serves as 会计解决方案组长 in the Blankenship CPA Group’s ASG Department. 她获得了商业和商业副学士学位. Linda’s day to day duties include preparing compiled financial statements, 工资, 销售税, 营业税及其他税务工作. Her industry specialties include fast food restaurants hospitality, retail and professional services. 她担任高地SDA教堂的财务主管, 绿洲家庭生活中心和高地小学.  She also sits on the boards of these institutions as well on the Boards of the Finance Committee and 审计 Committee at Highland Academy. 

作为一个部门, 琳达在博林格林和佐米难民一起工作, Kentucky who desire to have a Christian education for their children.    Linda has helped to find scholarships to assist with tuition, and have made connections for a small bus to be purchased to transport the students. 她已婚,有三个成年子女.  她喜欢园艺和收集书籍, 特别是狄更斯, 斯科特, 吉卜林, 欧文, Hawthorne and Appalachian writers such as Jesse Stewart and James Still.  "I love a musty leather bound volume and First Editions," Linda.


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Alison joined the team in January of 2021 and brings over 5 years of experience in ASG work, 处理和电子提交纳税申报表, 工资, 销售税和开票.  她非常忠诚和敬业,对客户很好. She takes excellent care of them and is always willing to help co-workers, 即使这不是她的专业领域.

Alison is a Tennessee native, originally from Hendersonville. 她已经结婚14年了. She and her husband Nick have 4 children, Lauren, Natalie, Samuel and Conner. 当然,你不能忘记家里的狗LeRoy! 她喜欢和家人一起远足和看电影.



Maryelene罚出场 joined BCPAG in September 2022 as an 税 and 会计解决方案 Group Intern and transitioned to a 税收副 in April 2023. Maryelene is a recent graduate from Trevecca Nazarene University earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. 她主要与个人和小企业合作, assisting in a range of capacities from day-to-day bookkeeping, 到年度纳税申报. 她会说西班牙语和英语. She enjoys travelling and spending time with family and friends.


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Charles Young brings 50 years of accounting experience to Blankenship CPA Group! 他是几家公司的合伙人 & Young, Horne CPA Group, Young & 联合律师事务所 & 天天p LLP). Charles also worked for 6 years as an IRS Agent and Group 经理! 他花了多年时间为客户提供咨询服务, assisting with tax preparation and preparation of financial statements. His wealth of knowledge is a true asset to Blankenship CPA Group. 

Charles attended Tennessee Tech College and is active with the 纳什维尔 Chapter of Tennessee Society of CPA’s which included serving as President as well as on the Board of 董事 for several years. He also served on the Board and was Treasurer of the Monthaven Arts & 文化中心. In addition he served as Treasurer of the Bluegrass County Club for 6 years. Charles served on the TSCPA’s Federal 税 Committee for 34 years! For many years he was involved with the Rotary Club as well. Charles enjoys golfing and working in his garden and time with his wife Linda and three children.

Sheri Savely, shm - cp, HSAe 


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